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Change Your Router Password Today!

While Symantec can't be trusted on Vista security issues, this is the kind of flaw I consider them more credible on.

If you've got a home wired or wireless router, and you haven't changed the default password, stop what you're doing and change it now. A simple JavaScript attack is possible that takes advantage of lazy users by changing the DNS entry in your router to point to malicious servers.

Another tip for decreasing your router's hackability is to change the router's default IP address, and to reduce the number of DHCP addresses to a few higher than the number of computers on your network. And while you're in there, consider turning on your wireless security, if you haven't yet.

Hopefully Linksys, Netgear, and D-Link will respond by updating their router firmware to prompt you to change the password on first login if the device is ever reset.



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