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Hey everyone. Early this weekend, Windows-Now stopped responding to server requests. After checking the logs, I discovered that the database file was flagged on my SQL Server as “suspect”, and the SQL recovery process caused SQL Server to crash. Changes to SQL 2005 prevented me from attempting a proper recovery using the old methods, leaving me out of options. A number of tools that I tried out to repair the database file only allowed you to recover the data out of the file. Since I was dumb and didn’t update my backup routines after the upgrade we completed a couple weeks ago, the only backup I had was from before the upgrade.

To make matters worse, the “recovery” was not able to recover any meaningful post data, so much of my holiday weekend was wasted trying to restore it. Fortunately, I use Windows Live Writer for all of my posts, and it keeps a local copy of everything that goes up to the server, so the only post I lost (besides comments) was Doug’s last post on The Green Button being acquired by Microsoft (sorry Doug).

If you created a user account in the last two weeks, you’ll need to create it again. Sorry about that. And I’ll still have a few more things I’ll be taking some additional steps soon to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Posted on Jul 08 2008, 11:49 AM by Robert McLaws
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