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WHS Code2Fame Winners Announced

Microsoft just announced the winners of the Windows Home Server Code2Fame contest. They are:

First prize:  Andrew Grant for Whiist
Whiist is a very cool (and free) Add-In that allows users to easily host web pages and photo albums on Windows Home Server. With Whiist it’s a snap make an Office document – or anything that can publish to HTML – into a web page on your site. Simply drag photos into a folder and you can post albums of thumbnails to share with friends and family. 

Second prize:  David Wright for Jungle Disk
Jungle Disk provides inexpensive online backup and storage of Home Server content, using Amazon’s S3 infrastructure. This is a really nice solution for “personal disaster recovery” and assured protection of your most important content. It will be available for purchase this fall.

Third prize:  Prakash Gautam for Community Feeds for Windows Home Server
This free Add-In pulls text, audio or video down to Home Server via RSS, so it’s viewable from an Xbox or any Windows Media Connect device. Very interesting possibilities here for creating personalized media libraries, accessible to the whole family at home or away.

I haven't been able to try any of these out yet, because I'm not messing with my WHS box again until I can get a RTM copy, but they sound really cool, and I can't wait to try them out (especially Jungle Disk).