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Microsoft Set to Take Over Disneyland's 'Innoventions' (Part Deux)

I reported on this a while ago, and when I went to Disneyland a couple of weeks ago, I stormed Innoventions armed with my camera to get the first pictures of what I thought was the new Microsoft exhibit. Well, it turns out that Microsoft's lawyers were apparently too busy fighting off Google and the ghost of Operating Systems Past to get this thing off the ground. Well, now that Longhorn won't be reloaded and Google has been thoroughly smacked-down by the DOJ, MSLegal has time to get down to more important matters.

From this recent update on MiceAge:

Meanwhile, over in Tomorrowland, the lawyers from Burbank and the lawyers from Seattle finally agreed on a contract for the Microsoft takeover of Innoventions (remember we discussed this ages ago?). The software giant will take over the entire lower floor and remake the revolving platform lobbies into a “House of Tomorrow” exhibit, and the word is that this time Innoventions will actually showcase technology not already available at Best Buy or even Big Lots. The upstairs exhibits will all also be tweaked and updated, (Siemens was the first) and the whole thing should be worth at least a look around when it’s done.


They missed the timing for the original plan to have this open by this summer to capitalize on crowds drawn to Tomorrowland by the submarines, but construction will start in July and it all should be completed by early November with a grand opening just before Thanksgiving. (Think the Zune will be history by then?)

Still doesn't heal my broken heart from the disappointment of my recent visit (currently Microsoft's only engagement is a bank of 60 Xbox 360's on the upper floor, and a Zune in the intro talk (take that iPhone!)). But as Al so eloquently puts it, at least the home of the future will be better than the crap "currently available at Big Lots". I have an operative in the park (A.K.A. my kid sister Brit, who currently works the Enchanted Breakroom Tiki Room) and I'll have her check in with updates as construction progresses.

BTW Microsoft, that would be the perfect place to put a couple of Surfaces. Just a thought.