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March 2005 - Posts

  • VSLive! Interview: Don Box Talks Indigo

    At VSLive! San Francisco, I had the chance to spend some time with Don Box, Product Manager for Indigo. It was a very interesting conversation, and Don is quite a character. Here's an excerpt:

    RWM: Where does this Indigo CTP stand on the Road to RTM?
    DB: This CTP will be followed by Beta 1, and there may be CTPs between Beta 1 and Beta 2, as well as probably one or two more between Beta 2 and RC1. There probably won't be any CTPs between RCs, God help us if there are. :). The goal is to keep the flow going as much as possible, and getting the world of Microsoft set up to do that.

    RWM: Does "Beta 1" mean Longhorn Beta 1, or will they be separate?
    DB: That's Indigo Beta 1, and that will be in the second half of 2005.

    Read the rest here.

  • Windows Server 2003 SP1 RTMs

    I know this isn't quite Longhorn-related, but Windows Server 2003 SP1 has just been RTM'd. Beta testers can grab the final bits at, and everyone else can get it here (link courtesy

    The new server has been running SP1 RC2 for several weeks now, and it has been very stable. I love the firewall and security changes, and the Security Configuration Wizard is a great tool to lock down your servers. I'm anxious to have the RTM build finish installing, which should be anytime now.

  • Is Back!

    After a long delay, is back online, and just in time for the public release of the Avalon and Indigo March CTP. Sorry we've been out of commission for a while, our servers went down last week due to hard drive failure, so we had to ramp-up the conversion to CommunityServer we've been planning. There still might be a few kinks in the system, so if there are, please leave a comment in this thread, and I'll repair it ASAP.

    I'd love to post more about some of the site, but it's going to have to wait until later this evening... hope you like some of the changes... more are on the way!