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Anyone Still Have Office 2007 Beta 1 Binaries?

I have some important documents that I created in Office 2007 beta 1, that are now trapped for all time, unless I get my hands on a copy of the Beta 1 bits. Does anyone still have them that can help me out? If so, please use the contact form at right to e-mail me. Thanks!



  • Jason Cox said:

    Have you tried renaming the file to .zip and then just opening the sub-files in Notepad until you find the (unformated) data?

    November 11, 2006 6:54 PM
  • There's this killer technology out there called BitTorrent ;-).

    I have both B2 and B2TR bits if those will help.

    November 11, 2006 8:50 PM
  • Liam said:

    I suggest checking out the torrent sites or usernet, probably quicker and easier!

    November 11, 2006 8:55 PM
  • I can look it up (I think I have a CD somewhere).

    November 12, 2006 1:41 AM
  • Oh, and your contact form doesn't seem to provide a way to email you.

    November 12, 2006 1:45 AM
  • I found the disk!  Just e-mail me tomorrow, I guess.

    November 12, 2006 2:00 AM
  • daniel said:

    i got beta 1 and the refresh update

    November 12, 2006 4:55 AM
  • zetomtom said:

    I've got it, if you need i can put the ISO somewhere.

    November 12, 2006 8:39 AM
  • Jesse said:

    You could just install the file format convert utility for 2003 so that you can open 2007 docs in Office XP or Office 2003:

    November 12, 2006 11:33 AM
  • Imran said:

    I have the beta 1 bits? But on my Hard Drive (:

    November 12, 2006 12:53 PM
  • Sat (Microsoft) said:

    Hey dude - give me your email id and I will connect to you from my address and help you with this. We have servers running this (internally) for precisely this type of use.


    November 18, 2006 5:36 PM