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Alas, Windows Mail, We Hardly Knew Ye

Well, it looks like Microsoft finally figured out their mail strategy. LiveSide is reporting that Windows Live Hotmail, formerly known as Windows Live Mail, will be launching tomorrow. Windows Live Mail, formerly known as Windows Live Mail Desktop, will be putting out a new beta "in the coming weeks", and Windows Mail, formerly known as Outlook Express, is no more.

Confused yet? You're not the only one. Since Windows Mail in Vista is officially dead, it remains to be seen if the final Windows Live Mail will remove all traces of Windows Mail from Vista, or if the two will coexist come RTM. Fortunately for Microsoft, much of the code between Windows Mail and Live Mail Desktop was the same, so the loss of Windows Mail won't be mourned for too long.

Will this be the last time Microsoft creates a bunch of different apps that serve almost the same purpose? Probably not. First imaging software, then mail clients... I wonder what will be next? It also remains to be seen if this is the last time Microsoft plays "Pin the Name on the Mail Client". Hopefully it is, for all our sakes.