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The Infamous RC1 'Conversation': Vista WILL Rock You

Whew. Brandon was definitely not thrilled with me after this conversation. If you've seen my Windows Live Messenger personal message the last couple days, I said "The next build of Vista will rock your world." It led to a very interesting discussion with Brandon about "expectations", and what RC1 will shape up to be. Brandon and I both have seen the progress that has been made since 5472, and up until a couple weeks ago, I was pissed at the level of (in)stability Vista still exhibited so close to RC1. My public statement to that fact led to more traffic on this site than I had seen in quite some time.

So what could make me change my mind so quickly? I got a sneak peek at the build TechBeta testers will receive (hopefully) soon. I won't go into details now, but suffice it to say, tt will have been worth the wait. Brandon's all hung up on UI, and that's fine. I'm not as picky as Brandon and Pirillo are (although I don't know how many people complaining it will take until they get Win 3.1 UI out of the OS). I just want to be able to use it on a daily basis without it hosing my computer in one form or another. And I wouldn't mind having my system be quick enough to be, God forbid, productive. I'm on a dual core 3GHz box with 3GB of RAM for Pete's sake... I ought to be able to have an app pop right up when I launch it.

So what are my expectations? Well, my new WLM message reads: "If you haven't experienced anything since 5472, the next Vista build will rock your world." Is it finished yet? Hell no. I still don't think the next milestone should be called a "release candidate". But it gives me hope. And I'm patient enough to accept that (for the time being).

(Oh, and I hear Microsoft is going to "get creative" with this release's name. Microsoft's really struck out with the way they handled build names up to this point, so we should really be in for a treat.)



  • Have they used the Windows Vista build of this weekend as the candidate for RC1? Will they make this build also available to testers first?
    August 20, 2006 8:18 AM
  • Just to clarify...I'm not completely "hung up" on the UI...its much more than that as to the reasons why I believe my expectations are too high for RC1.

    And Robert, the conversation was a good discussion. I was neither thrilled or not thrilled. It was just a discussion that really was actually pretty cool.
    August 20, 2006 12:28 PM
  • So while my download of 5536 is rocketing along at way faster than it should be, I'm gonna take a minute...
    August 24, 2006 11:57 PM
  • So while my download of 5536 is rocketing along at way faster than it should be, I'm gonna take a minute
    August 26, 2006 12:47 PM