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Windows Vista Media Center: Just My Size

I don't usually post screenshots of features from interim builds, but I discovered something cool enough today that I have to make an exception. One of my pet peeves with Media Center in the past has been the limitation in the minimum size of the window. It used to be too big to have the window always be on top, and still work... I was left to compromise.

Well, now in one of the latest builds (I won't say which so maybe I can keep getting them) Media Center's window has a new absolute minimum. Check out the screenshots, these are actual size.


Yeah... I was watching "America's Got Talent". Sue me.

I still think the UI buttons are way too small... they don't resize at all. Now, if only I could have a TV window docked in the Sidebar... then it might actually be useful to me (the Sidebar, not TV).



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