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Virtual PC 2007: Where Is The News?

Last week, I posted about the fact that Microsoft hasn’t put out a new version of Virtual PC since 2004. A few days later, Microsoft said they were making a “major announcement” about Virtual PC (though the timing was not related to my bringing it up). I was hoping for tons of details, but it basically amounted to “If you paid fora copy at one point, you’re SOL, cause Virtual PC 2004 is now free.” It was like,“Oh, here… We’ll make it free. That will distract you from questions on what features VPC 2007 will have, or more importantly, when it will ship.”

Don’t get me wrong, it added some more clarity to the whole “VPC Express” debacle, but it was long on hype and short on details. Compared to VMWare, Virtual PC performance is TERRIBLE. To make matters worse, all of Microsoft’s virtualization efforts have been focused solely on the server realm, because that’s where the businesses are. But lots of customers use Virtual PC too, and we shouldn’t have to install Virtual Server 2005 R2 over the top of Virtual PC 2004 to see improved performance.

Microsoft’s announcement was an anti-event. The Virtual PC Team needs to talk about featureset before they can begin to fill the void that two years of silence has created.



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