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NBC's "The Office" Promotes

I was watching the "House" marathon on USA this weekend, and I was surprised to see two different ads from NBC using characters from "The Office" promoting Microsoft's Live services. I've been trying to snag it on my Media Center so that I can post it, but no such luck... yet. If anyone else grabs them, send me a link and I'll post 'em. UPDATE: Here is a low-res version on YouTube.

I expect that Microsoft is going continue to ramp up their presence in commercials over the next 6 months. Between Vista / Office 2007 / Xbox 360 / Zune / IE7 / / Office Live, the word for Microsoft's consumer marketing strategy will be "visibility". Personally, I think one of the reasons Microsoft has been so quiet with marketing lately (save for the Xbox 360), is so that they can use Launch 2007 to carefully craft the appearance of a "company resurgance"; a renaissance of sorts that can prove the company will remain viable through it's next decade.

But what I DON'T expect is for Steve Ballmer to be personally pitching Windows again. Used car salesman tactics won't sell Windows quite like it used to.