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It's Time For a Change

You may have noticed that I've been really quiet over the last few weeks. One of the reasons is that my company just landed a big consulting client, and I've been heads-down with working on planning for a very complex application migration. Some of it has to do with Vista testing... there are only 30 days left before RTM (approximately), and I want to make sure I submit as many bugs as I can so that they are, at the very least, on Microsoft's radar... even if they will closed within 15 minutes as "Not Reproducible".

But the reason I'm more excited about has to do with this site. You see, tomorrow is the three year anniversary of Doesn't seem like it's been that long, but three years ago, Robert Scoble gave me an idea for a place where people could talk about Longhorn. Since then this site has been a vent for my excitement and frustrations about Microsoft's oft-delayed operating system.

Nearly a year ago, Microsoft ditched the name "Longhorn". It's about time we did the same. Come tomorrow morning, will be no more.

In its place will be something much closer to my initial vision for the site. Its taken a while to get here, and I'm really excited. But don't worry, your aggregators won't be broken, and your favorite posts won't be lost. Please come back tomorrow morning and check out what we've done with the place.