Robert McLaws: Windows Edition

Blogging about Windows since before Vista became a bad word's Vista Price List Was Accurate

Well, Microsoft announced their retail pricing for Windows Vista today (boo to Microsoft for not making it simple with some kind of chart), and it turns out that Joe Wilcox's sleuthing on did indeed turn up the correct price list after all. As I said before, I think the regular and upgrade prices are pretty good. Based on what you get, I think the price is much more indicative of the value than previous iterations of Windows. In comparison to the feature set, XP is WAY overpriced.

But Microsoft's pricing people quite obviously don't understand how significantly family-friendly bundles would increase adoption rates, and it's a real shame. I'm beating the drum to some of my executive contacts at Microsoft, doing everything I can to get them to readdress this issue before RTM. This is not the last you've heard from me on this issue.



  • JoeM said:
    We do need some family pricing. It would help alot.
    September 5, 2006 3:24 PM