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  • Indigo is Uninteresting

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    Indigo is uninteresting. Wait, don't jump to conclusions. Indigo is uninteresting because they have done such a good job of removing communication details from my problem space. Isn't this the ultimate goal of any API, sure. Now, I am able to take the
  • Indigo Untyped Channel

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    [Primer] There are two types of channels in the colorful world of Indigo: typed and untyped. A typed channel is the way by which you program against the service WSDL, typically through an auto-generated interface. Obviously, as the name implies, you must
  • Indigo brightens Wallstreet Article

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    The article can be found here This article focuses on Indigo holistically, such that by the time beta rolls around, everyone will be ready for the next generation of communication. That is not to say that it is not built around today’s communication