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  • Conviat Agave

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    I’d like everyone to check out Conviat Agave and let me know what you think. I am just putting it in beta, but I know it is stable enough to try. I’d like all the feedback I can get.


    By the way, it is .NET 1.1 and not Avalon (for the time being, at least).


    Here’s an image of the weather:


    Since this a longhorn related site, I will justify this post by using Conviat Agave as an example of how Avalon applications may work and look:

    • All corners are now rounded
    • The color palate is much more extensive, but at the same time unified into a congruent look
    • Custom controls and custom navigation is the norm
    • Navigation is first class (although my navigation is only within web pages at the moment, it will be extended to every part of the application very shortly)
    • The layout engine is a two pass optimized engine just like the one in Avalon –with FlowPanels and Canvases…
    • Besides an initial installer, Conviat Agave runs on a ClickOnce architecture for up-to-the-day synchronicity with my current build


    There is more information at my site: http://www.conviat.com/Agave.aspx