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    I am sorry for the post to follow because I try to keep a very high signal to noise ratio on this blog, although I thought that some words were needed, that I had not yet seen in the blogosphere.


    1. Why must we taint Avalon by back porting it to XP?  Obviously, the technical problems are going to be far and wide, not to mention that it is going to cut functionality across the board.  Why must we do it?  There already exists a perfectly viable (and probably equivalent) match to Avalon on XP today – Xamlon.  So, my solution, instead of ruining Avalon, how about those developers interested use Xamlon and then we wait for a clean Avalon solution in Longhorn.


    Secondly, how in the hell is someone going to get a 100-200MB distributable onto a client PC.  Everyone knows that the .NET 21MB distributable is pushing it as is.


    I can’t speak for anyone else, and I doubt you will see any criticism from within Microsoft because it is a career limiting move, but I will say that I am very disappointed.


    1. WinFS is the backbone to the next generation of computing.  Relationships are *key*.  I just received an email today from a VP at one of the largest design firms and he was telling me how all his customers were really interested in WinFS, more than any other pillar.  Let me say that again – A design firm’s customers preferred the advances in WinFS to Avalon.  That speaks volume.


    Not to mention, WinFS was also my favorite slice of the pie.


    1. I have not done enough research in the lengthening upgrade cycle for PCs, but I imagine that people are not at all ready to upgrade.  I would give until 2007, which should give more than enough time to get all of the pillars ready.



    In my opinion, I think this is an “all of nothing thing.”  I hear over and over that this is what the customer wants.  But, according to my experience, this is the exact opposite.  The customer wants a way to get rid of pop ups/spyware, share documents over the web, and download music.  Walk into most corporations and you will find that they run the Win95 graphics scheme on XP.  So, don’t tell me it is about Avalon.  Most web sites and server farms roll their own pipelines for the utmost speed (The ones who do use Web services are on step 1 of the 5 step WSE ladder).  So, don’t tell me about Indigo.  And, the fundamentals don’t mean as much if they are not coupled with everything else (Most of the fundamentals are stand alone libraries that can be downloaded today, either open source or other).