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  • "Wronghorn" is just plain wrong - a rational response

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    As has been mentioned previously on LonghornBlogs, and on Scoble’s blog, Tony McCune published an article on ZDNet today that’s slightly unflattering for Longhorn.  Ok, that’s a little inaccurate.  It was more like he put Longhorn into a bag and proceeded to beat it with a stick.  I wanted to take a moment to respond to some of Tony’s comments, and set the record straight, where necessary.  So here I go.

    “Myth #1: The Longhorn suite will be a worthwhile investment.
    Microsoft typically pushes big software bundles that force customers to pay for much more functionality than they actually need, and Longhorn will continue that tradition. Microsoft’s own research shows that 30 percent of PC desktop users don't use the entire Office suite. They only use the word processor. This means that a huge percentage of businesses are made to pay for functionality that they don't use. It's like going for a fully loaded SUV when only one person will be driving the vehicle to the train station. A Ford Focus would do, but you're force to buy a Lincoln Navigator.”

    I don’t think you’ve really made your point here, Tony.  First of all, I’d like to know what features of Longhorn you consider to be superfluous.  While I’m not claiming that there’s no such thing as “bloat” in Windows, I fail to see how Longhorn – even at the pre-alpha stage – is overkill.  Using your own numbers, 30% of people only use Microsoft Word, as opposed to the rest of the apps in Office.  What you’ve neglected to mention is the other 70% who use more than just the word processor. 

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