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I am now mobile!

Take a good look at the title of this post. Yes, that's right, I now own a notebook computer. After much frustration and headaches with the Dell XPS 710 system I am getting a refund, so I decided that the replacement for the XPS would be a portable.

After spending most of the day on Thursday browsing around through different stores looking for a decent notebook that wouldn't break the bank (for those of you who didn't know, the Dell XPS with the Dell Financial loan would have cost me a whopping $6,500), I finally found one that really caught my eye. An HP Pavilion dv6245ca Entertainment Notebook PC.

It has a 15.4" screen at 1280x800, and has a very nice glossy coating. On the inside, it is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo T5200 1.6 GHz processor, with 1 gigabyte of DDR2 memory and a 160 GB hard drive. It also has a dual layer DVD-/+RW drive with LightScribe. The system shipped with Windows Vista Home Premium on it.

My impressions so far are good — I haven't had any problems with it. Battery life is especially good, I can play about two 1h:45m DVDs and still have some juice left for other stuff. The wireless capabilities work as you'd expect, although it took me a bit of getting used to as I've never set up a wireless network with Windows Vista before. Let's see how it works out with class work and such. I really need to get used to typing on a notebook keyboard again.

Oh, and just to add — two really neat things that this laptop came with: A remote control which can be used for HP's QuickPlay software, and for use with Windows Media Center (which is my application of choice for multimedia besides Windows Media Player). The other thing? A webcam and built in microphone, which is conveniently located at the top of the display. Pretty nifty in my opinion.

In case you're wondering, or even care, I'm actually writing this entry from the comfort of my couch. I like the ability to be mobile, it allows you to leave the confines of a desk and have a little fun. And you can take your work with you if you travel.



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