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October 2006 - Posts

  • Ready for Windows Vista?

    I was browsing around on the internet during classes earlier and came across this comic over at bLaugh. Pretty funny.

  • A few misc. Windows Media Player 11 tips

    Here are some neat tricks for you to try with Windows Media Player 11 - please note that I've only tested these on the Release Candidate 2 (RC2) release of Windows Vista.

    • To slow down playback, press CTRL+SHIFT+S
    • To speed up playback, press CTRL+SHIFT+G
    • To return to normal playback speed, press CTRL+SHIFT+N
    • To view a menu with all of the above on it, right click on the Play/Pause button in the bottom center of the Windows Media Player window.


  • An easier way to run elevated

    If you are using Windows Vista with User Account Control enabled and you frequently run applications as administrator (or run elevated), this tip will surely come in handy.

    1. Click on the Start button.
    2. In the "Start Search" box, type the name of the application you wish to run elevated - for example: "cmd.exe", "Notepad", or "Windows Mail".
    3. Hold CTRL+SHIFT on your keyboard and then press Enter.

    You will then receive a User Account Control prompt asking you whether or not you want to run the application.