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July 2006 - Posts

  • Windows SDK for July CTP Available

    Please use this preliminary release of the Windows SDK only in a test environment on a clean machine.

    This CTP (Community Tech Preview) is for use with Windows Vista build 5472 and the .NET Framework 3.0 Runtime July CTP. This pre-release SDK contains updates for native Win32 developers, including improvements to documentation and samples. The Windows SDK CTP releases should always be used with the exact matching CTP version of the .Net Framework 3.0 Runtime Components.

    Although this SDK does not support the earlier versions of the .NET Framework 3.0, it will work for native Win32 applications on Windows Vista Beta 2.

    IMPORTANT: This version of the Microsoft Windows SDK is intended to support development targeting the following release:

    • .NET Framework 3.0 July CTP
    • Windows Vista build 5472

    This release of the Windows SDK is compatible with the RTM versions of Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005.

    Download: Microsoft® Windows® Software Development Kit for July CTP