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June 2006 - Posts

  • Creating a shortcut to Flip3D on Windows Vista Beta 2

    One of the neat little features added to Windows Vista is “Flip3D”, which offers a visual way to browse through all the open windows on your desktop.

    In some CTP builds prior to Beta 2 you may have noticed a cool little shortcut to Flip3D in the Quick Launch, but this has since been removed from Beta 2.

    Want it back?

    Create a new shortcut and point it to “C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe DwmApi #105″, give it a name like “Launch Windows Flip3D”, and toss it wherever you’d like, such as the quick launch!

  • Hello? Is this thing on?

    Hey everyone,

    First and foremost I'd like to thank Brandon LeBlanc for forwarding my request to one Mr. Robert McLaws, who was kind enough to set me up here at! I've been a long time reader of this site since it first opened up back when Windows Codename "Longhorn" (now more formally known as Windows Vista) was still in the alpha phase, and I'm ecstatic to be a part of the team here! I mean, wow... this just rocks!

    For those of you who don't know me, my name is Kristan Kenney, and I'm a Windows Live Messenger Product Specialist and a long time Microsoft Beta Tester. I've been beta testing Microsoft products, both client and server, for about 4 years now. I started with Windows Server 2003 and then moved on to Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 SP1 & Server 2003 R2, MSN Messenger, Virtual Server 2005 and Virtual PC 2004, and some of the Windows Live products.

    I have a very solid background in computing and have covered everything from Windows 3.1 straight to Windows Vista & Windows Server Codename "Longhorn", and I've also worked with non-Microsoft systems such as UNIX/Linux and Mac OS.

    Again, I'd like to thank the team here for allowing me to be the latest addition, and I look forward to providing some really great content here for all you readers in the near future!

    Until then, take care!

    -- Kristan M. Kenney