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  • My First Post

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    Hi Everyone. I never had a blog before, so forgive me if I do it all wrong. I guess first I should introduce myself. My name is Edward, I'm 21 and I'm a developer at a small software company in the UK. I'm also attending a University course on Software Engineering. I'm actually still working mostly in VB6, we have lots of old code so the transition to .Net will not be very straight forward. I've also worked with Delphi and I'm learning C++ and Java at the moment, as well as reading lots of books on .Net, OOP and destributed application architecture.

     I've spent the last week reading the WinFX SDK, all the PDC Slides, and WinFX Newsgroups, and I'm beginning to get an idea of what its all about. It's gonna take a while to think of all the potential applications. The Animation and DataBinding features seem really great. WinFS will be cool and I'm looking forward to the Infoagent, collaboration and notification things as well.

    I don't have the bits yet so I can't try it out but it really is a completely new way of going about things. Its clearly going to be as big a change as the move from 3.1 to 95, if not even bigger.

     I'm looking forward to being along for the ride.