Tab templates for Windows Home Server Console

One of the features of Windows Home Server is the ability to extend the Windows Home Server (WHS) Console by adding more tabs to it.  These can be added by OEM's, developers or even end-users with some coding experience, to allow the WHS Console to do more than it already does.

The Windows Home Server SDK can be viewed on the MSDN web site, at:

Note, this is a beta version and is not yet complete.  All code samples are written in C#.   Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that there are any downloads available for it, the documentation is all online. If someone does find a legitimate download link, please let me know.

Two "Tab" templates, one in C# and one in VB.NET. have been put together by Ken Warren, and avid enthusiast of Windows Home Server.  He is one of the most prolific, and helpful posters on the Windows Home Server Forums.  Ken's Tab templates can be found at

Visual Studio 2005 is required for development. If you don't have it, you can download the Express editions of Visual C# or VB.NET from Microsoft.