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  • MagicJack - Not so Magical

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    I recently decided to see if I could "cut the cord" on my home wireline and go with MagicJack.  It had received pretty good reviews, been around for a while and, for the price, looked like something I should check out. 

    Sadly, I was very disappointed.  The call quality was good, when it was there.  But when it wasn't, it was a bad as a bad cellular connection.   And then, after one or two successful calls, it would start acting up.  I'd pick up the phone, dial a number and after the first three digits, I'd get another dial tone.   Once this occurred, I would be unable to make any calls until I rebooted the PC.  Nothing in their FAQ or troubleshooting literature addressed this and I just gave up on it, put the USB device away and cancelled the service.  

    I'll have to give this one a big thumbs down.