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  • Longhorn is not great

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    Let me get one thing clear from the start - I love LH and where it's going. This is merely a slate & review of the PDC build on a 1gb, 2.0Ghz P4, Radeon 9800 Pro that I played on for about 15mins. When I sat down at the machine, the first thing that
  • No Aero :(

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    Ok, so LH is out. I have the CD's in my hands. But it doesn’t have the aero bits; we got to see the simple pretties in the keynote but it's not in the Build we've got :( BUT, it does have all the DCE stuff. Oh yeah. Me lubs it. I looks so good;
  • Longhorn? Well...

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    Having followed Longhorn since it was first talked about a year or so ago, I'm eagerly awaiting the PDC to find out exactly what's going on. Only then will the world be able to speculate about what's really going on with Longhorn. Also, given the recent