June 2007 - Posts

  • Win A Free HTC Touch!

    Yes you heard me correctly, I said free.  HTC's newest device to grace every mobile person's dreams can be yours free in a drawing.  Just head over to http://www.htctouch.com/ and sign up.  It's easy, I hope one of you wins...ah...who am I kidding....I hope I win :P  Good luck all!

  • iPhone Ad Confirms Date

    Sometimes it pays to watch the adverts on television.  A few hours ago while watching Comedy Central, the iPhone ad appeared.  It felt really refreshing to see the ad, and of course the launch date - June 29th.  But it also begs the question, why don't Windows Mobile devices get the same kind of ad-taking?  Sure, we've seen ads for the Blackjack, but what about Cingular's in-house 8125 or 8525?  I'm hoping that with time, and now with WM6 native devices coming in the full range, we'll see more out of AT&T in the advert department.