October 2006 - Posts

  • Athens ad

    Long gone are the days when Vista was Longhorn and everything amazed and wowed us.  Back in 2004, the Athens PC concept was all the rage, and we are seeing, albeit slowly, the evolution of it's form into the mainstream computers of today.  Developed in partnership with HP, Microsoft had high hopes that this computer would be the model for the future.  here's to it actually happening in my lifetime.  Go here to see the video.

  • November 23, 2006 - Launch Day in Canada

    Techworld.nl is reporting that MSDN Canada has realeased details of the launch events for Canadians, starting November 23rd in Edmonton.  As the MSDN page says:

    The 2007 Microsoft Launch Event
    The world is ready. Microsoft is ready.

    Join us at the biggest Microsoft launch event ever.

    You'll witness the launch of Microsoft® Windows Vista™, the 2007 Microsoft® Office system and Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007.

    Sounds exciting.  I've heard rumors that the US Vista launch will be in DC, so I've got to save my money for that.  Anyone willing to donate a few bucks to the Dena-needs-money foundation?  Wink

  • ISO Recorder V3 out!

    Chris Johnson just wrote that ISO Recorder is now out and fully compatable with Vista!  Get it while it's hot.


  • Windows Mobile Device Center Beta 3 For Vista

    If you have been damning the fact that there has not been a way to sync your ultra-cool new Cingular 3125 or HTC Hermes with your main production Vista computer, rejoice now.  Microsoft has just released beta 3 of it's upgrade to ActiveSync, called Windows Mobile Device Center.

    The refresh has been a long time coming, and I'm sure when I get home from my trip, I'll be able to share in all of the connection joy (I'm still in Seattle until Saturday).

    For those who aren't aware, WMDC will NOT be included into Vista, but will be offered as a download when you first connect a Windows Mobile device.  Please keep in mind that WM5 and WM2003 (and SE) are supported, while WM2002 has been left out of the final code.

  • Office 2007 RTM...Almost

    It seems with all the roar happening around the RC2 of Vista, Office 2007 got left in the dust.  Today I was informed that Office 2007 will indeed be RTM-ing by October 25th (a peculiar date coinciding with a particular operating system perhaps?). 

    While I am happy that Office 2007 has finally made it's way to RTM, I wish the team would have cranked out more betas to the testers.  It seemed a long time from Beta 2 until the TR, and then now we have been told that there will not be any more code to us until we can buy the Office suite.  One more drop, Microsoft, please?

    Nonetheless, congratulations to the team for working very hard and staying up late into the midnight hours to help squash bugs.  Here's to Office 2007 making an office administrator's dream come true.

  • Microsoft Vacation

    Yikes, this week has been hectic!  The Vista tour at Microsoft is over, and it really was great to see all the amazing people who work on Vista daily.  I want to thank the beta team for making the tour happen, especially Wendy Stidmon and Paul Donnelly.  Special thanks also to Robert, our very own admin here at Windows-Now, for some very down-to-Earth discussions.

    While I can't delve into what was talked about extensivly at the tour, there are certain things that are looking very promising.  RC2 was released at the touch of a special beta testers' hand, and they are still on track for delivering Vista to the masses in the early part of next year. 

    In the next few days, the public download for RC2 should be up and ready for anyone willing to throw it onto their home machines.  RTM is on the way and it's looking quite good.  I'd highly suggest that if you can afford the Ultimate Edition, you should get it. 

    The SWAG gallery isn't up yet because I still have some items to photograph, but it should be up in the next day or so.

    Last but not least, I wanted to take the time out to thank the people I met on the tour that actually read my blog.  It's been a real invigorating expereince for me to go from no readership to being able to see my posts in very cool places.  So thanks to the people who continue to support me, my blog, and most importantly, the new Windows-Now.com.  Thank you all!

     PS:  Some people have written to me to tell me the Gallery isn't working.  I havent' posted the pictures yet as I am not home from my vacation yet and don't have a good enough access to a computer to upload the photographs at this time.  My sincere apologies, and I will try to have the gallery up on Sunday the 15th.  Thanks!

  • Vacation to Redmond

    Hey Guys!  I hope you really like the new site, it should be really invigorating.  Just wanted to drop a note that I will be at the Redmond campus Thursday and Friday for the Microsoft Vista Tour.  The NDA is pretty strict, but I'll post what I can share for you.  Stay tuned for more details and a fabulous SWAG gallery!