September 2006 - Posts

  • No Love From Symantec

    I started sifting through some Vista news today and I can't even bear to see it.  All I see is that Symantec is claiming that Microsoft is not giving up the API's to Vista so that microsoft can dominate and abuse it's power over the computer masses and have people buy their software instead of Symantec's.  Well I've got news for you Symantec.  It's not abuse of power.  If your shitty product worked half as good as you tout it to be, then there would be no need for other people to be making anti-virus and other security programs.  Some of you may be wondering what i did to say that they have a no-good product.  In December 2001, I bought a DVD, and I popped it into my computer (running Windows 98 at the time...hadn't got the upgrade to XP yet).  The DVD that I had bought was a Powerpuff Girl DVD, and unbeknownst to me, it had the PE FunLove virus on it.  That thing is nasty.  If you do a little bit of Google-ing, you can find out that it was actually that way in the factory, and they had recalled all the DVD's.  Anyway, so I had the  most up to date detections, and this virus STILL MADE IT BY.  The detections for it had been out since 1999, but it got by, and crashed my machine hard.  So needless to say, I can't see Symantec whining over anything when they themsevles can't produce a consistant anti-virus product.  Let them whine; I'll take any other anti-virus but them.
  • SPOT Watches: An End User's Journey

    I found this article on The Seattle Times website.  I thought I'd share this with you guys so that you can see how tough it is to own a SPOT watch.  I myself had TWO of these watches back in 2005.  I like them, even though they are definatly NOT made for a ladies' wrist.  The problem I had was that I had to change my subscription over and they kept saying it was done, but it wasn't.  I felt that the "support" team didn't have a clue as to how to work the watches themselves.  After 6 months of owning the 2nd watch, I gave up, stopped calling support and canceled my subscription.  Unfortunatly, I'd still be using the watches if the support team had done their job properly.  Anyway, here is the story from the Seattle Times, and if you have any comments, please do!  i love to hear from you guys, evne if you say you love the watches ;-)

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  • Pricing For Vista Officially Released

    This morning, Microsoft announced that it has settled on the *official* pricings from each Vista edition, along with saying "plans to broadly release the code to current Windows Vista Customer Preview Program (CPP) participants this week. In addition, Microsoft will reopen the CPP, a popular pre-release testing program, to new enrollments in coming days. In total, Microsoft plans to make Windows Vista RC1 available to more than 5 million customers worldwide."  Here is is the official breakdown of the prices:

    • Business Full - $299
    • Business Upgrade - $199
    • Enterprise - The Windows Vista Enterprise edition is only available to Microsoft Volume License customers, it is not available for retail purchase.
    • Home Premium Full - $239
    • Home Premium Upgrade - $159
    • Home Basic Full - $199
    • Home Basic Upgrade - $99.95
    • Ultimate Full - $399
    • Ultimate Upgrade - $259

    Source: Microsoft

  • Purchase MCE for Free Vista Upgrade

    I was checking out DigiTimes, and came across this story.  This may perk a few people up, and keep others in the wings.  Sound off in the comments section, I'd love to hear what you have to say!

    Most PC buyers need to purchase MCE for free Vista upgrade, PC makers say
    Apple Daily, September 4; Carrie Yu, [Monday 4 September 2006]

    Only around 10% of PCs to be shipped in the fourth quarter of this year are equipped with MCE (Windows XP Media Center Edition) and consumers who buy the remaining 90% of PCs will need to purchase MCE to be able to upgrade to the upcoming Vista operating system (OS) for free next year, according to PC makers quoted by the Chinese-language Apple Daily.

    Microsoft has informed PC makers that free upgrades to Vista will only be available for MCE users, the paper said. For Windows XP users, upgrading to the entry-level version of Vista will cost US$116, wile upgrading to the premium version will cost US$269, noted the paper. The cost may affect PC demand through the first quarter of next year, PC makers were quoted by the paper as saying.

  • WMP 11 Beta 2

    Microsoft has now released Windows Media Player 11 Beta 2.  The software package is only available for the US, but the UK should be coming shortly.  This release brings a few new changes.  Here's what's new:

    • Windows Media Connect is now called "Media Sharing"
    • Added eMusic, VidZone and Music Giants to the Online Music Store drop-down
    • UI changes such as the more intuitive shuffle and repeat icons.

    You can get the beta 2 software Here.