Office 2007 RTM...Almost

It seems with all the roar happening around the RC2 of Vista, Office 2007 got left in the dust.  Today I was informed that Office 2007 will indeed be RTM-ing by October 25th (a peculiar date coinciding with a particular operating system perhaps?). 

While I am happy that Office 2007 has finally made it's way to RTM, I wish the team would have cranked out more betas to the testers.  It seemed a long time from Beta 2 until the TR, and then now we have been told that there will not be any more code to us until we can buy the Office suite.  One more drop, Microsoft, please?

Nonetheless, congratulations to the team for working very hard and staying up late into the midnight hours to help squash bugs.  Here's to Office 2007 making an office administrator's dream come true.



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