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Feature Preview: Performance Center

In Build 5270, we see the Performance Center emerge as a fantastic way of seeing how well your system performs. Windows Vista will "audit" five catagories: Processor, RAM, Hard Disk, Graphics, and Gaming Graphics. From there, it gives you a rating on how well your system performs. The higher the rating, the better your system is. The only way to get a higher rating is to upgrade your system's hardware. Your system's rating won't depreciate over time either.

Several questions arise from this feature. Questions such as what standard is Vista measuring your system to? What is the recommended rating for a Vista PC?

My system gives me a rating of 3 for its performance.

Screenshot: Performance Rating in the Performance Center
Screenshot: Performance Rating in the System Window

If you are currently testing the December CTP of Windows Vista, go to Control Panel and then the Performance Center and get a performance rating. What performance rating did you receive?

This is just one feature out of many I intend to preview in the next coming weeks. If you'd like to keep track of my Feature Previews, head over to this page and bookmark it as I will be updating it very soon with more features.



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