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Feature Preview: System Properties

Windows Vista brings a totally redesigned System Properties Window compared with previous versions of Windows. It includes the System Rating (which we discussed in the Performance Center Feature Preview) as well as a way to change the Windows Product Key - something that's been virtually impossible to do. At first glance, the System Properties Window gives you a general outline of your system. To take a look at Advanced System Properties, click "Change Settings" or "Advanced Settings" on the left hand column in the green.

Screenshot: Windows Vista System Properties Window
Screenshot: Advanced System Properties Window
Screenshot: Change the Windows Product Key

In the Advanced System Properties, you can change your network settings like computer name and description or join a domain - pretty much the same layout see in Windows XP. You can also configure the Windows Vista System Protection. Vista's System Protection feature is amazing. I've had problems with Windows XP's System Restore, half the time the restore not even working and making the system even worse. I had a first hand experience with Vista's System Protection as I had loaded a bad video driver that messed the system up completely. I was able to revert back using the System Protection to the previous working state within seconds and without a reboot.

Screenshot: System Protection Properties Tab

I think the overall layout and redesign of the System Properties Windows is quite nice and gives users a nice quick glance at their system and its performance.



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