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My Windows Vista Top 10 List

I've wanted to do this for a couple of weeks now, and tonight I got a chance to sit down and really think about it: my top 10 most excited-about features coming with Windows Vista in 2006. This, by all means, could change as we hit Beta 2 but for now, this is where I stand in terms of the features I am most excited about coming for Vista when it ships.

1. Windows Presentation Foundation: Microsoft is refreshing its Windows "User Experience" with a whole new User Interface (UI) layer enabling developers to create richer applications and interact or "present" themselves in Windows better than ever before. This is going to give us somewhat of a different look to the Windows we're all used to with new UI enhancements to appear in Beta 2.

2. Windows Sidebar and Gadgets: I think this is ultimately going to be used even more than the Start Menu. Everything you'll need could be "pinned" to your Sidebar or Desktop. Why go to your Start Menu? Plus, Gadgets will be able to do all kinds of things from monitoring your network and Windows Server to letting you know you have email! Of course, we've yet to be introduced to the Windows Sidebar so I'm only guessing (and hoping) here on what to expect.

3. Windows Mail: Formally known as Outlook Express, Windows Mail takes a entirely new leap into being a mail client by adopting several Outlook features to give users a more secure and safe experience while checking their mail in Windows. From a totally redone database structure to Outlook's fantastic Spam Filter, I'm really excited for this because Windows users will be introduced to an excellent mail client right out of the box!

4. Windows Calendar: You can create all kinds of Calendars and share them with everyone, whether they are Apple users or Linux users or fellow Vista users! Imagine subscribing to calendars just like you do RSS feeds! Also, imagine Windows reminding you of important dates or events or even tasks! Can't wait to see how Windows Calendar turns out!

5. Windows Internet Explorer 7: IE 7 introduces some awesome new technology and security features making web browsing alot more safer than it is today. By default, IE will run with the least amount of user privilages preventing malware from sneaking in and writing to important places on your computer. IE will also be an RSS Aggregator where you can subscribe to your favorite RSS Feeds and view them in a pretty nifty new Favorites interface. Also, Tabs and Tab Thumbnail view are pretty cool!

6. Network Center: Saved Networks, Network Map, and an overall different way to view and change your Network settings. I really hate having to change my IP Address, Subnet, and Gateway manually everytime I go to someone elses network that isn't used DHCP. I want to save my Networks and double click when I need to load any given Network. Seems Network Center is heading in this direction.

7. Peer-to-Peer Technologies: I'm not sure if they are still calling it "Meeting Space" or what but Vista's ability to share files via Peer-to-Peer will be greatly improved. I think they are called it Windows Collaboration in Build 5231. I've not had a chance to totally experience with this feature just yet, but I welcome any enhancements to ease sharing files between computers!

8. Built-in Antispyware / Antivirus Technology: Of course I am excited for this! Who wouldn't! An OS that scans and protects from viruses, malware and spyware is something we all need in today's web-based world. Of course, other antivirus and antispyware vendors will be able to tap into Microsoft's scanning engines to give you twice the security - I'm guessing here. I'm just hoping it will help Symantec make products that are less system-hogs.

9. Windows Media Player 11: I am excited for this because the interface is changing to make the library alot more easier to browse your music - something I use iTunes for. Unfortunately from what's been thrown on the net, no new Windows Media Codecs will be appearing with this release.

10. Windows Backup: I've really wanted a really really good Windows Backup without spending 8 billion dollars.

Ok so this is my list as of October 28th, 2005 after installing and using Windows Vista Build 5231 (Octoboer CTP) for a few weeks. Please forgive the short descriptions of the features, it may seem I am overlooking important things but I tried to just be as breif as possible without turining this into a 10 page essay. I could easily write a ton on each of these features. Also, please keep in mind with November bringing us a new CTP and Beta 2 toward the end of the year or first part of 2006, this list can and will change for me. Each new build I play with gets me excited about a new feature.

What is your Top 10 Vista Feature List? I'd love to hear what you think!



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