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September 2005 - Posts

  • IE 7.0 Chat reveals new info

    Today, a team of Microsoft folks chatted with Beta testers giving information and address concerns testers have had during the past month of testing. I was unable to attend the chat directly, but a friend supplied me with the transcript. I won't post the entire transcript, but will talk about the best stuff.

    IE 7.0 CTPs: No. Don't expect to see monthly IE 7.0 Community Technology Previews (CTPs).

    IE 7.0 for Windows Server 2003 SP1: Yup. This one is coming as well. No release date has been given just yet, but talk is by the Beta 2 release this should happen.

    IE 7.0 User Interface: Alot of people have mentioned disapproval for the Vista-like interface within IE 7 on XP and have expressed concerns about not being able to move some of the toolbars. Well, the interface is far from complete for IE 7. Expect changes to come in Beta 2. Dave Massy expressed excitment for the "great new user experience" we'll be seeing in Beta 2. It was also said that there will not be any major difference in the UI for IE 7 on XP and IE 7 on Vista so the UI may depend on what is developed for Vista. Vista is supposed to have a major new UI update seen in Beta 2. We'll see.

    IE 7.0 x64: Definately coming.

    IE 7.0 Download Manager: This feature has been dropped from IE 7. Other parts of IE have taken more priority such as security. But from what was said, discussions of IE 8 were already happening so this feature still might see light of day.

    IE 7.0 Protected Mode: This is one feature the MS guys were very excited.

    Tabbed Windows Explorer: Not going to happen. One comment said this was not going to happen. But another question was asked about when you type a path in IE it opens a seperate window in Windows Explorer and why not just let it open in another tab. The answer given was this was a feature that will be implemented. It appears though Microsft wants to make IE 7 and Windows Explorer seperate.

    Outlook Express 7: The IE Team and OE Team are completely different teams but the OE Team is working on a updated version of Outlook Express for Windows Vista. Nothing was said regarding whether it will be version 7 or whether we'll see it on XP.

    There is most of the cool info I dug out of the chat. Pretty cool stuff. I look forward to seeing the new UI as well as better RSS abilities and improved antiphishing capabilities in Beta 2.

    UPDATED: I updated this to get rid of some misunderstanding on my part.

  • PDC Windows Vista Build Number Revealed

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    Again, according to Paul Thurrott's Short Takes this week, Microsoft will be giving out Build 5219 of Windows Vista to PDC attendees.

    "The Windows Vista code tree was recently forked between the version Microsoft will give out at the PDC (Professional Developers Conference) 2005 conference and the version that will become Beta 2. The current PDC build--build 5219--could very likely make it into the greedy little hands of attendees..."

    Paul continued to offer information on what types of things we can expect to see in Build 5219. Apparently we're going to see the Sidebar make its return and also see Tablet/Media Center capability enabled. He also says Microsoft will reveal the different types of Vista versions here in a few weeks.

    Microsoft has yet to say whether the PDC build of Windows Vista will be accessible to current Beta testers of Beta 1. I'm hoping, seeing as I won't be attending PDC this year, that they are nice enough to do so. We'll see.

    I am extremely interested in seeing how the Sidebar returns, as well as more of the slated Vista features to test out.

    On a very important sidenote regarding Build numbers, I am currently working on a very cool Exclusive Article on Build numbers and what they are and what they mean in terms of software development. I've very excited for this. My goal is to introduce people unfamiliar with Build numbers to this article and have them understand the process involved in software "building".

  • Is Office 12 going to be Office Vista?

    Paul Thurrott posts his weekly Short Takes today as usual with some information regarding the next Office, code-named Office 12. Apparently, he says Microsoft is internally referring to Office 12 as Office Vista. Hey, it works for me. So does Office 2006. I wonder if they will keep with the "Office System" name theme and have each product continue to be referred to and labeled as "Microsoft Office ". I know that was a big thing with Office 2003. Microsoft Outlook 2003 turned into Microsoft Office Outlook 2003.

    Its all names. I don't really care. They could call it Office Zoo for all I care. As long as it brings on new features, bug fixes, security and stability I'll be using it.

  • MBSA 2.1 and 3.0 - What I want to see...

    I love the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer. I use it all the time to make sure PC's I work on are configured properly with the best security settings and fully patched. I was using it today on a machine when it hit me on what I'd like to see in the next version(s). For instance, we have Microsoft's Antispyware. I'd like to see MBSA detect the definitions and whether or not its up to date or not. Also, it would be nice to see MBSA also detect OneCare's virus definitions and see if its up to date as well. It would be wonderful to somehow tie these programs together.

    I wonder if we can expect to see an MBSA 2.1 soon? And I wonder if Microsoft is looking into the future with Windows Vista and MBSA. I would assume by the time Vista comes out, MBSA would be ready for its 3.0 release.

  • Fast User Switching on a Domain?

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    John Howard, IT Pro Evangelist for Microsoft UK, discovered that in Windows Vista, you can use Fast User Switching when you are using a machine joined to a domain - a feature that didn't exist with XP. XP only allowed this if your machine belonged to a workgroup.

    Check out this blog with a screenshot! This is pretty cool!

  • Freeze Dry for Windows Vista

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    At the Australia Tech-Ed Conference, Microsoft unveiled the name of a new technology to be included in Windows Vista that maintains application states when patches and system updates are being applied.

    According to ZDNet Australia, this technology, being called Freeze Dry will save the state of runnning applications when your PC is rebooted when certain patches and system updates are applied.

    So if you have your Automatic Updates running and installing late at night and you go to bed forgetting to save and exit a 300 page Word document you had been writing for a year, Vista will save that document and Word's application state so when the patches are installed and a reboot is necessary, Vista will start right back up where you left it. You'll wake up in the morning not even knowing these patches were installed.

    I look forward to seeing this technology in action. Most likely, Windows Vista Beta 2 will include it.