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Non Working Features in Longhorn v4051

UPDATE:  I am no longer updating this page, interesting FAQs can be found here on MSDN.

This is a living “Non-working” features list I will be compiling over time while working in Longhorn.  I know the PDC Build is a pre-alpha and in no way expect everything to work.  I am just going to catalog issues here I have found as not working and have mostly been conformed via the winfx newsgroups.  If you have any issues you've found and would like to add to the list, ping me and I'll post them.

Just to start off - There are no visual XAML designers yet. Sparkle is just a dream waiting to be realized...

Avalon - Application

  • PageFunctions OnFinish - Another very cool “soon to be“ feature.  At this time the OnFinish method does not appear to close the PageFunction and update the Window or Pane that initially called it.  The curious thing is that two samples came in the Longhorn SDK that show the code, but the applications do not work.
  • Debugging Tile Code - You can not debug tile code yet. You need to connect your debugger directly to explorer.exe. Click here to see Rob Relyea's workaround.

Avalon - Controls

  • TextBox GrabHandles - ShowGrabHandles is not yet implemented.
  • TextBox IsSpellCheck - Wesner Moise does say he worked on it, its just not available yet.

Avalon - Visualization

  • Text along a path - You cannot create path for text to be drawn on. [example]
  • NineGridBrush as a Fill - The NineGridBrush only appears to work as a Background item and not as a Fill of a rectangle for example.
  • Animation while moving window - The animation does keep track of the results of the animation, it just doesn't re-render the visual until you stop dragging the window.
  • No 3D anything
  • “Plex“ and “Slate” styles - The styles you may have seen in some MS screenshots are not available.


  • Creating Custom Items - Creating a custom or Extended Item Type for storing in a WinFS store is not supported yet.  Will be very cool once you can, for now I am using existing Item Types and re-mapping the available properties.


  • Video does not play - in a non-hardware accelerated environment (including VMWare and Terminal Service)