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  • Google Desktop

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    Wow, this is amazing. For those of you who were excited about WinFS and even if you weren't, you need to check out the Google Desktop . From the CNet article : To use Google's desktop application, people download the file, which is a thin 400K, or about
  • OneNote and WinFS

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    I like DonXML's idea on OneNote and WinFS . Essentially, he is talking about how OneNote is a great program to take notes but its difficult to then get those notes in a usable format. If developers did have a way to pull the data out and integrate with
  • orkut friend groups

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    I was messing around some more in Orkut and I found something which I consider valuable and one more thing that makes me want to maintain an address book there. You can organize your friends into groups and friends may be members of more than one group
  • Ocel: Longhorn RSS Aggregator

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    So here it is. [ Download Here ] I wanted to test drive some of what WinFS has to offer so I thought what better thing to store than RSS Feeds. Of course I needed a GUI to manage all of those feeds for me. One of the neat things is that the body of the