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November 2004 - Posts

  • Speaking at Heartland Dev Conf

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    I'll be giving a presentation on XAML at the Heartland Developer's Conference this week.  It should be fun and if you're going to be there, stop by and say "Hi."  Its always fun to talk about XAML in person.

  • New Avalon available at the worst time (..for me)

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    What great timing!  For the next two weeks, I am going to be home with my test box for one day, and out comes a brand new release of Avalon.  Seriously I'm very excited to get it running and am happy for those involved in the release.  Now we'll all believe that "yes, Avalon will run on XP".

    These two weeks will be an exercise in patience and where I'll have to enjoy just reading about it.  Actually, this article prepared for the release gives a very intriging overview of the new features made available.

    One of the particular items that I found interesting was the concept of StoryBoards.  When you start using multiple animations and multiple timelines you need a way to manage them.  Flash does this by abstracting different Timelines into different Movie Clips, and now Avalon has an equivalent with StoryBoards.

    Its exciting to read about all of the enhancements geared towards Animation throughout WinFX.  Once I get the new Avalon running I plan to really dive into this area.

  • Browser Technology track at XML Europe

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    This is a interesting development due to the recent surge of XML for UI talk.  A new topic has been added to the XMLEurope conference, entitled "Browser Technology".  In Edd Dumbill's words:

    The first of these new tracks is Browser Technology. The development of standards-based user interfaces is definitely very much alive and kicking. Mozilla's Firefox browser is starting to take chunks out of Microsoft Internet Explorer's dominance, and at the same time provides a rich client development platform. Opera's browser is innovating on mobile platforms, as is Apple's Safari browser on the Mac. Meanwhile, Microsoft's XAML provides a new avenue of competition and innovation.

    The rest of the article...
  • What is XAML?

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    I've seen some talk about this recently and I've had it made it clear to me by Chris Sells and Chris Anderson.  This definition is actually straight from ChrisAn's mouth:

    XAML is a declarative markup language that defines an object model

    Its not Avalon.  It doesn't have doesn't have controls, shapes, animation or transforms.  The XAML is parsed and turned into an object tree in memory and from there its up to the engine to instantiate objects and whatever else is requested by the instructions.

    Any comments or suggestions?