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September 2004 - Posts

  • Xamlon Product Demo Movie

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    In preperation for our October 4th version 1 release, we've put together a product demo movie that I'd like to share.

    The video includes demonstrations of multiple user interfaces with one code base, scaling user interfaces (along with a special surprise feature), and Visual Studio Integration.

    Click here to watch the video

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  • Longhorns are getting restless

    After reading Drew Marsh's latest post titled When's the next drop then...?, I think he may be on to something.  Maybe the longhorns are getting restless (or spreading FUD if you prefer...)  because there is no official ETA for the next Longhorn drop.  Obviously MS is going through changes with Longhorn, but they just can't move fast enough for us.

    When's the next Longhorn Beta?

    When's the Avalon for XP Beta?

    When's the next PDC?

    We want roadmaps, we want bits, argh, argh, argh, and all that pirate stuff...

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  • If Avalon were delayed...

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    An eWeek article by Darryl Taft, brings up the idea that Avalon may miss its release date in 2006.  So the question is would that be good or bad?

    DonXML gave a comment saying that would be a bad thing and developers would lose respect for Microsoft.  Sure respect would be loss; developers would moan and groan, but I don't think it would be a permanent affliction.

    Ok so let's step into hypothetical world here...

    In 2006, Microsoft releases a new operating system, it won't be called Longhorn, it needs a different name.  Something like Windows ME 2.  So this OS has all of the great Fundamentals of Longhorn, including security, power management, network awareness enhancements and .NET 2.0 comes preinstalled!!  Wouldn't that be great?

    Which leads me into Windows Forms 2.0.  Have you seen what you can do with it lately?  It looks like an impressive platform to work on and it seems a shame to overshadow it so quickly with Avalon talk.  ASP.NET is looking really good too.  So here we have two good-looking, rich platforms and now we are going to get one more thrown into the loop?  I think Avalon looks great and I'm excited to use it, but I don't see the need to rush it, especially not with Windows Forms 2.0 to hold me over.  If its going to be a grand, smooth-running, new platform, I'd rather have it decoupled from the OS release schedule and have its own time to mature properly.

    Now back to the hypothetical release schedule;  Microsoft and the hardware companies are happy.  They've released Windows ME 2, consumers bought new PCs, developers are now targeting .NET 2.0 happily knowing that the 2.0 Framework is installed on all new PCs.  Now Avalon and WinFS have until 2008 to be completed for the next OS release.  They could be released previously as an Update, but they'll be installed with the 2008 release, we'll call it Windows 2^8 just for fun.  After two years many consumers have bollixed up their computer enough that its time to buy a new one, they walk into Best Bu 2.0 and see a demo of Windows 2^8, and they are smitten.  The new graphical interface runs amazingly smooth on a new 3GHz double GPU video card.  They need to have it and they plop done their fingertip to charge the account.

    Well that was fun.  Now back to work.  I'm working in SQL Server today.  Man I can't wait for Yukon...:-)

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  • Get your DeskTop SideBar today

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    If you like the idea of the Longhorn Sidebar, you've got to check this out. You can get your own very configurable, very skinnable side bar for Windows today at

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  • More Longhorn 3D Desktop thoughts

    Don Park has an interesting post where he says he wants to lose the windows metaphor and work within in a 3D space.  Objects recognizable by shape and location, items left in the same room you placed them last.  Most of the comments left disapprove of the idea, mentioning its too much work moving around in 3D space to find something. 

    I'd love to have a 3D world to explore my desktop, though.  Mine will be less like a house or shopping mall and more like an Unreal Tournament level.  I'd fly around in my Manta (pictured above) moving from one area to the other.  Once I got to the music canyon, I'd hop out and walk around, selecting which tracks to add to my playlist.  The tracks would then glow to annotate that they were in the queue to play.  And then from there I'd head back to the coding hill to begin working again.  It'd be a great mental break as I flew through the landscape.  And of course instead of using IM I would just see another avatar walk/fly/come out of the ground and we'd start talking.  No emoticons, just gestures performed by the avatar.

    Instead of making a new XP "theme", I would much rather make a new Longhorn "world".

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  • Jim Allchin video dissected

    Steve Gillmor dissects the Jim Allchin video in this article.

    I still haven't watched the video, but now I feel like I've read the book.  This is an example of why some people actually get paid for what they write.  Nice article.

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  • Worried about upgrading to Longhorn

    Andrej points out what seems to be a frequent question about Longhorn:

    So, why would users want to upgrade to Longhorn Client then?

    Joe Beda listed which hacks will be needed to get Avalon running on XP.  Although Avalon on XP may still be impressive, I doubt it will be as stunning as what will be available on the Longhorn client.

    Everyone's talking about upgrading though.  How many home pc users do you know who actually upgrade their machines?  Don't they all just buy newer, faster, bigger, thinner computers, when theirs becomes "broken"?  When those consumers run off to Best Buy in 2006 for a new computer, it will be pre-loaded with Longhorn.  They'll expect to have the latest Windows OS.

    Upgrading is difficult.  Its much easier to hand the computer over to your kids after using one of those fancy Migration tools that PC vendors hand out nowadays.

    It'd be interesting to see some real statistics on WinXP upgrade vs. preloaded installs.

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  • Even more Longhorn Redux ideas

    For those of you interested in reading even more opinions on the Longhorn shake up, I found these posts pretty interesting:

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  • Joe Beda becomes one of us!

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    Joe Beda, development lead on the Avalon team at Microsoft, becomes one of us (well most of us) - a user of Avalon, rather than developing Avalon.  He's leaving Microsoft to work for Google...

    That just made me a whole lot more interested in the products that Google will be releasing.  I also wonder how many more times we'll see that come up?

    "Leaving Microsoft for Google"

    Congratulations Joe!

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