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  • Avalon XP

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    Ta Da!  Well that's cool.  It took me a while to figure out if I was excited or not.

    At first I thought, it took some of the sweetness away from Longhorn.  I was ready for a big revolution, one new operating system where everything was new and different.  I also wondered if having an Avalon for XP and an Avalon for LH would be confusing and messy.

    After reading more on the big news Joe Beda's post, Scoble's index of reactions, Sells' informative post and even a long thread on Channel9 (Jim Allchin's video, I haven't watched the official video yet, just read the comments) I'm excited about the news.

    I think having Avalon on XP will allow for a smoother transition to the new model and a greater space for Avalon to exist.

    As for those people who question "why would I want Longhorn now that Avalon and Indigo will run on XP".  You know Microsoft will have something compelling to offer when Longhorn is available.  The ideas put forth for Longhorn were very ambitious and if they can get everything working suggested at the PDC 2003, you'll want a copy of the new OS.  Thinking along the Avalon lines, as soon as I can get the fully-empowered Avalon up and running (read LongHorn OS with Longhorn Device Driver Model (LDDM), I'll buy a new system.  I bet Longhorn will still look more visually stunning then WinXP ever could.

    Ok, one more note, for those of you who have asked "what does this mean for Xamlon?", Paul's got a good post answering that question here.

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  • Xamlon Beta 5

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    Its here!

    We're all very excited about this release.  Its been a treat to work on a product that you are actually excited to use.  New features and tools include:

    • Visual Studio .NET 2003 integration, which lets you visually design forms and generate XAML user interface code with Visual Studio.
    • Declarative 3-D support
    • Extensive new sample applications
    • AiSVG (Adobe Illustrator SVG) to XAML converter
    • XamlPad, a simple editor for XAML with real-time preview

    Below is a screenshot of the clock sample that I created with the aid of the AiSVG convertor and XamlPad.

    UPDATE: No, you do not need to have Longhorn to use Xamlon.  You can now run XAML wherever the .NET Framework is installed.  That's the best part!

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  • Finding information in the Longhorn SDK

    The Longhorn SDK is done pretty well, I especially like the Samples section and the overall structure of each class page.  But something that bothers me is that the SDK includes documentation for the current .NET Framework as well.

    Just try searching for "Button", you get results from System.Web, System.Windows.Forms and the new System.Windows.Controls namespace.  Some day we'll need documentation covering all of .NET, but right now when I visit the Longhorn SDK it'd be nice to have it filtered down to just Longhorn information.  For now the means to filter a search by namespace or technology would help.

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  • Off the grid

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    I've been "off the grid" [1] for most of this month.  I quickly became consumed in preparing for our newest beta release at Xamlon.  Lots of great stuff coming out in this beta and its been fun working with it.  More on the beat later this week...

    I've got a big backlog of topics to talk about, so  it'll feel good to purge all this stuff.  I'm surprised that there has been little talk over at  I know that the absence of a Visual Studio.NET to run on the WinHEC build deterred a lot of development, but there is still a lot of stuff going on with Longhorn.  I plan to get back into talking about what's in the latest Longhorn build.  It seems like those who want to know more about the latest build, don't have access to it; and those who do have it, don't have time to look at it.

    As a sidenote, I've watched more Olympic coverage than ever.  But since its taken the place of my late night shows, I never know what time it is.  I just looked at the time and its 1am.  Where's my Conan O' Brien?!

    [1] Borrowed the term from the latest fiction book I read called Deception Point, great book if you like a good mystery, written by DaVinci Code author Dan Brown.

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  • XAML Gear

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    You've got to love this, thanks Mr. Stern!

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  • Create New Folder in Longhorn 4074

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    This is a very simple solution to the odd bug where "New Folder" is not available in the context menu of Explorer.

    Click on Start, then Run.
    Type regedit, click on OK.
    Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/.Folder (not Folder but .Folder with a dot) Double-click on (Default)
    Type "Folder" (without the quotes) in the value data zone, then click on OK.
    Close regedit.

    [via PROneTworks]

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  • "It's a whole new development platform"

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    Why do we have to wait so long for Longhorn?

    It's a big release, and pulling together that many pieces in an integrated fashion, it's bigger than anything we've ever done," said CEO Steve Ballmer. "I always tell our people relative to our scale, it's a lot more like Windows 1.0, maybe 3.0 than anything we've done before. It's a whole new development platform, and getting the whole new development platform done is harder than just making incremental improvements in user and administration features. We're working hard at it.

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