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  • Missing Indigo library in PDC Longhorn

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    Currently, if you attempt to use Indigo, you may quickly run into an error, warning that a library is missing, usually once you get into the System.Net.PeerToPeer namespace.

    Well, yesterday in a “Developing Mobile Applications in Longhorn” webcast, Derek Ferguson mentioned the cause of the error. In the PDC Build of Longhorn, there is a Windows Component called Peer to Peer that is not installed by default.

    I did install it, but I have not attempted to use it yet. I brought this up, because I have been asked about this very error, and was happy to share the answer.

    Derek Ferguson is puttting on another webcast called Architecting Mobile Soultions in Longhorn on May 5th.  The unfortunate problem with webcasts is once they're over, they're gone; so be sure not to miss this one if you are interested in seeing the new support for mobile devices in Longhorn.

  • Channel9 Wallpaper

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    Following up on the wallpaper thread on Channel9, I've created my own version of the Channel9 avatar. Sure was nice to get back into Photoshop, its been a bit dusty lately.

    Available in:

  • Longhorn Evangelists on .NET Rocks!

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    I just finished listening to the .NET Rocks! MS Longhorn Evangelism team episode.

    Let me start off by saying, I'm a big .NET Rocks! fan.  I don't think I've said it before, but its definitely an entertaining and informative show.  And when you're sitting around coding up some data entry stuff, its the perfect thing to keep your mind busy.  Keep it up Carl and Rory!

    Ok, so now back to last week's show. This show focused on the platform evangelist team and what a huge job they have.  They have to be smart and talk up their product but not come off as sales and marketing.  They have to keep the current members of their church happy and informed and keep reaching out for converts.  Their performance is measured not in exact figures but in the gray area of perceived worth. Sounds like a tough but fun job.

    During the show, Carl brought up a quote from Lenn, that I'd like to pass along in case you haven't heard it before:

    “When you do a search on your hard drive, how long does it take to find a file?”

         ”Long enough to go to lunch and back.”

    ”When you do a search on Google how long does it take?”

         “Not even a one second!”

    Do we need WinFS? Yes, I think so.

  • "Why Longhorn Matters" from the Mac perspective

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    Ian Bettridge has a nice conversation going on in his comments section about Miguel de Icaza's Why Longhorn Matters post.

    Its nice when you can hear from Mac users who are beyond the "MICROSOFT SUXXORS!" mode.

    “Regardless of what you may think of Microsoft (and I realise this is going to be a tough concept for some of you here), .NET is actually quite a decent design.”

  • Miguel de Icaza on Longhorn

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    Miguel de Icaza talks about Longhorn and Planning for the Future.

    I like how he doesn't discount Longhorn just because the features may have been done already in some form of open-source, but realizes the power, in what I mentioned earlier as implementation but he better entitles deployment. Applications will be written and people will consume Longhorn. Microsoft is betting on Longhorn and it will be realized. This is not vaporware or a pet project.

  • Longhorn "Refresh"

    In case you haven't heard this yet -

    In its ongoing campaign to keep Longhorn front of mind for developers, Microsoft at its WinHec conference next month will release a "refreshed" version of the pre-beta code it handed out at its Professional Developers Conference (PDC) last October.


    This is the first place I have seen it actually posted and not just rumors floating around behind the scenes.

    [full blurb on InfoWorld]

  • Tech MeetUps

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    Although MeetUps rarely happen in my area (Fort Wayne, IN), I thought I would pass along the latest MeetUp I have signed up for. 

    Currently only ten members, this must be a new group. Our user group does not have enough members interested in SQL to start a focus group, so this would be a nice casual way together and talk about SQL.

    The other two MeetUps I am looking forward to are:

  • Paying for online content?

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    So via Feedster I found a new article on XAML entitled A Standards-based Look at XAML's Features. The problem is it looks interesting, but its a Premier Club Only article and I would have to pay $10 a month to get into the club.

    I guess I have become spoiled with free online content and didn't even considering purchasing a subscription. I wonder why I can buy a magazine though, maybe some form of ownership?  Or maybe it has something to with those dreaded words automatically renewed each month

    Is there anyone who subscribes to on online site for articles? If so, which ones?

  • OneNote and WinFS

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    I like DonXML's idea on OneNote and WinFS.

    Essentially, he is talking about how OneNote is a great program to take notes but its difficult to then get those notes in a usable format. If developers did have a way to pull the data out and integrate with WinFS, WinFS items could be linked to sets of notes. For example, a videographer could keep all of his notes about a video shoot in OneNote, but link them to actual video files on his hard drive.

  • Preparing for Tech-Ed

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    I found out yesterday, I am on my way to Tech-Ed in San Diego this year. I haven't been to Tech-Ed since 2000, so this should be a real different experience. I've changed a lot and so have my responsibilities at work.  I imagine I will be able to get a lot more out of Tech-Ed than the last time I went.

    I'm guessing I'll know a lot more people this time, too. Well “know” in the sense of over the internet and through the computer…

  • Use XAML in .NET today

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    Adam Young wrote up an article on DevX on how you can use XAML in .NET today.

    He has come up with an interesting solution using the classes in the System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters namespace to parse actual XAML files.  A custom section is used in the application's config file to define whether you should map your XAML to Web or Windows controls.  The article does include the source at the end and gives you the full code to his XAML engine.

    Good stuff and something worth looking at if you are working on your own XAML parser.

  • Commentary on the first Chronicles article

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    There's some interesting commentary going on over at in response to my Chronicles of a WinFX Developer article.

    There's a post in their comparing the new features of Longhorn and C# to existing open source technologies. Sounds interesting, but I can't comment too much as I am not totally familiar with the technologies mentioned.  I plan on comparing them, though, as I am suspicious to see how they really compare.

    With comments like:

    5) WinFS: Databases are not new. Database filesystems are not new (old BeFS). What's new about WinFS again?

    I wonder how much they have actually looked into Longhorn…

  • The beginning of the XAML Manifesto

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    Stuart Celarier, a man who seems to be missing a blog, has done a lot of work on the Developer FAQ for Longhorn posted on MSDN.

    Tonight he has initiated the development of the XAML Manifesto on Channel9.  He has listed a few topics to start with, that I think will be great to talk about and hear evreyone's thoughts.  I haven't posted anything yet, but I will brew on it for a bit and find some eloquent words to express my desire to use XAML.

  • orkut friend groups

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    I was messing around some more in Orkut and I found something which I consider valuable and one more thing that makes me want to maintain an address book there.

    You can organize your friends into groups and friends may be members of more than one group.  A concept that is a big part of WinFS.  An item can exist in more than one folder at a time.  Very simple but very useful.  For a comparision look at Groups on MSN Messenger, I'm sure that some of your contacts there fall into more than Group.

    As an extra value added bonus, you can compose messages that are sent to groups - instant mailing lists.

    I'm happy to see that Orkut (the developer not the site) is preparing for Longhorn ;)

  • Avalon 3D info via Joe Beda

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    There's a new video on Channel 9 featuring Joe Beda talking about 3D support in Avalon.

    After reading posts on Longhorn feature cuts, I was starting to wonder if 3D would take a back seat.  Luckily it appears that Avalon 3D will be there or at least that they are currently working on it.

    Reading the following comments in the post on Channel9 will assure you:

    • No, Avalon3D is not there to replace DirectX
    • If used thoughtfully it will act as a valuable tool for the UI designer
    • Yes, it could be overused, but people learn.  If you spot an animated GIF (or even <Marquee> tags) its usually a hint towards the quality of the site
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